Annual General Meeting

This year the AGM is booked for Tuesday, April 27th, 2021, to be held at the Bill Hicks Pavilion on Plaistowe Blvd in Byford Central starting at 7 pm.  The meeting will report on the previous year’s activities as well as the financial result, and then to vote in the new committee for the next 12 months.

All positions on the committee will be declared vacant, and open to any member of the club wanting to nominate.  All nominations received will be considered and put forward for consideration.

To nominate simply fill out the online form at All nominations must be received at least 7 days prior to the AGM or by end of Tuesday 20th April 2021.

To nominate you will need the endorsement of another member of the club, you will simply need to enter their name and date of support into the nomination form.  The positions selected will be in the order as listed on the nomination form.

  • Nominees will not be required to be present at the AGM.  
  • Members wishing to vote must either be present at the meeting, online communication or submit their vote via a proxy (proxy details below)
  • Each member is entitled to one (1) casting vote and one (1) vote per proxy request.  Nominating members are permitted to cast a vote for their own nomination.
  • In the event 2 members nominate for a single position, the membership as per above will decide via silent vote,
  • In the event only one (1) member nominates for a position, that member will automatically be elected to the position.
  • In the event there are no nominations for a position, the chairperson will open the nomination to the membership present for verbal nomination.
  • If no nominations are received, the position will the declared “casual vacancy”, and can be filled at a later date through a committee meeting.

You will be able to select more than 1 position as office holder on a single nomination form, but you can only be elected into a single position.   For example, if you select the positions of  President, Treasurer, and Registrar.  Your nomination will be put forward for president first, if you are selected successfully, all other nominations will be discarded and removed from the ballot.  If you are unsuccessful your nomination will then be considered for treasurer and so on.

You may hold one (1) or more General Duties or Sub-committee positions,  the positions are a non-voting position.  If you wish to hold a voting position you MUST also nominate for a General Committee position.

Proxy voting– if you are unable to physically attend the meeting or use the online communication, you are permitted to nominate a fellow registered member of the club to act as a voting proxy. You must nominate the attending member in writing, which is to be presented to the chairperson prior to the commencement of the meeting. The nominated proxy can vote in accordance with your instructions, or at the discretion of the proxy.

The written notification must be signed and have the statement “ I_______ nominate _________ as my Voting Proxy for the Annual General Meeting on 27th April 2021”.

An attending member may be appointed proxy, by up to five(5) other members.

By joining the Byford Bushrangers Committee you will have a voice to help shape the direction of the club over the next year and beyond.  Your innovative ways and ideas are always welcome.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me any time via