About Us

Our Vision

To be the premier diamond sports club in the Perth south East corridor.

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide a fun, safe, enjoyable environment for families that encourages all participants to develop their fundamental skills no matter what their aspirations may be.

The Byford Bushrangers have been in existence since around 1982 with the club, originally called North Murray Tee-Ball, becoming incorporated in 1986 and by the early 1990’s the club had an excess of 300 registered players.

The club participated in the State Championships from 2002-2007. During this time they came second in 13A in 2004 and second in U11 Girls A in 2007.

The name was changed in 2003 to North Murray Diamond Sports which incorporated the introduction of baseball and softball.

Over time the number of registered players had declined due to increased variety of sports introduced into the area and in 2010 the club became inactive. In 2014 the club was reborn and Byford Bushrangers had its first season in 5 years with 10 teams with the introduction to Toddler Tee-ball.

In 2016, due to changes in Perth and the idea of “North Murray” being more reflective of the Peel region, the committee agreed to change the name of the club and Byford Bushrangers Inc. was decided.

The 2017 State Championships in saw the return of Byford Bushrangers, with the first team in 10 years coming third in U10C division. Byford Bushrangers has attended every State Championship since winning U10C in 2018, followed by second in U10B and winning U11B in 2019!

Baseball was re-introduced for 2018-2019, having 1 Machine Pitch and 2 Little League teams within the Southern Hills Charter. The same year, a summer Women’s softball team also had a go and came out with the wooden spoon.

2019-2020 is going to be a big year for Byford Bushrangers. Three softball teams played over winter (U13 Juniors at Dale Districts, and both a Men’s and Women’s team at Canning Softball), 2 Machine Pitch teams, 3 Little League teams and 1 Intermediate League team. Our Lower Oval at Briggs Park is currently undergoing a $3.9 million redevelopment and the club is excited for when it is complete.

The population in the Serpentine-Jarrahdale Shire is increasing at a rapid rate due to continuous major development work. It is anticipated over the next few years the number of players will increase even further.

Honour Board

SeasonPresidentVice-PresidentSecretaryTreasurerRegistrarLife Members
1986-1987Graham FlickDavid CornishEvelyn CornishAnne HumphreysDebbie Flick 
1987-1988Graham FlickDavid CornishEvelyn CornishAnne HumphreysDebbie Flick 
1989-1990Neil EdwardsIan GossageKathy ThomasLauris HodgesMarlene Potter 
1990-1991Ian GossageNeil EdwardsLauris HodgesSherralee BerryMarlene Potter 
1991-1992Ian GossageMarlene PotterLauris HodgesSherralee Berry  
1992-1993Peter HydeIan GossageCarol HydeBeryl BoolCheryl Redican 
1993-1994Peter HydeRob ScarlCarol HydeRhonda MacleanNeil Edwards 
1994-1995Peter HydeRob ScarlCarol HydeRonnie Arnold  
1995-1996Peter HydeRob ScarlCarol HydeRonnie Arnold  
1996-1997Marc YoungRob ScarlCathy MariottiCarol ForknallNadia Young 
1997-1998Marc YoungJohn MariottiCathy MariottiPhil CarneyNadia YoungIan Gossage
1998-1999John MariottiSteve SimpsonNadia YoungPhil CarneyMelody Simpson 
1999-2000John MariottiNeville CowleyNadia YoungPhil CarneyCathy Mariotti 
2000-2001John LiddingtonNeville CowleyNadia YoungRuth CowleySue LiddingtonJanet Jones
2001-2002Warren JonesKim SimpsonNadia YoungRuth CowleySue LiddingtonNadia Young
2002-2003Peter CondoJohn Liddington Ruth CowleySue LiddingtonJohn Liddington
Sue Liddington
2003-2004Peter CondoMarcus GianattiNadezhda RaphRuth CowleySue LiddingtonSteve Christian
2004-2005Alison GrygorceiczShaun KeatingSue LiddingtonRuth CowleyLeah Walker 
2005-2006Alison GrygorceiczShaun KeatingSue LiddingtonRuth CowleyLeah Walker 
2006-2007Connie KeatingMichelle SkittSue LiddingtonTania BurnsLinda Christian 
2007-2008Connie KeatingShaun KeatingSue LiddingtonTania BurnsLinda Christian 
2008-2009Connie KeatingDenise MercerShaun KeatingCarmen HutchinsonKylie Dysart 
2009-2010Connie KeatingRamone GlasgowSharnee DunnetShaun KeatingMichael Montgomery 
2010-2011Connie KeatingRamone GlasgowSharnee DunnetShaun KeatingKylie Dysart 
2014-2015Ramone GlasgowDebra HeadleyMark BelsteadSharlene GratteJessica HeadleyRamone Glasgow
2015-2016Ramone GlasgowMark BelsteadDanielle BlackmanSteve GoedeckeKellie WhiteMarcus Gianatti
2016-2017Ramone GlasgowPhil BranchMark Belstead
Andrew Bonnard
Geoff WatsonKellie White 
2017-2018Marcus GianattiGeoff WatsonRamone Glasgow
Casey Girdlestone
Mark BelsteadKellie White 
2018-2019Marcus GianattiGeoff Watson (Tee-ball)Tash Bingham
Amy Bailey
Kylie BranchKellie WhiteGeoff Watson
2019-2020Mark BelsteadBeyanka Girdlestone (Tee-ball)
Marcus Gianatti (Baseball)
Kelly Berry/Phil Branch (Softball)
Amy BaileyKylie BranchKellie White 
2020-2021Jeff RyanJeff Ryan- (Tee-ball)
Paul Ridley (Baseball)
Jeff Ryan- (Softball)
Amy BaileyKelly BerryJodi Ridley
2021-2022Jeff RyanBeyanka Girdlestone (Tee-Ball)
Paul Ridley (Baseball)
Lisa Wharton (Softball)
Kamella SchwarzJo White Jeff Toon

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