The Committee

  • Marcus Gianatti
    Marcus Gianatti
    Club issues & concerns.
    Byford Bushrangers Life Member 2016
    TBAWA Level "A" Accredited Coach
    TBAWA Level 1 Accredited Umpire
    TBAWA Meritorious Award Recipient 2018
  • Geoff Watson
    Geoff Watson
    Vice-President (Tee-ball), Chief Umpire (Tee-ball)
    Club tee-ball related issues when President is unavailable. Tee-ball umpiring issues and concerns.
    Byford Bushrangers Life Member 2018
    AK Strikers Life Member 1999
    TBAWA Level "A" Accredited Coach
    TBAWA Level 4 Accredited Umpire
  • Natasha Bingham
    Natasha Bingham
    Secretary, Sport Safety Officer
    General enquiries. Safety and First-Aid issues and concerns.
  • Kylie Branch
    Kylie Branch
    Financial matters.
  • Kellie White
    Kellie White
    Registration and membership enquiries.
    TBAWA Meritorious Award Recipient 2018
  • Phil Branch
    Phil Branch
    Chief Coach (Tee-ball)
    Tee-ball coaching issues and concerns.
    TBAWA Level "A" Accredited Coach
  • Amy Bailey
    Amy Bailey
    Fundraising Officer
    Fundraising suggestions, enquiries and concerns.
    TBAWA Level 1 Accredited Umpire
  • Leanne D'Cruze
    Leanne D'Cruze
    Publicity Officer
    Social media and other publicity related questions and concerns.
  • Paul Daly
    Paul Daly
    Equipment Officer
    Equipment replacements, issues and concerns.
    TBAWA Level "A" Accredited Coach
    TBAWA Level 1 Accredited Umpire
  • Ashleigh Kowalski
    Ashleigh Kowalski
    Uniform Officer
    Uniform and merchandise orders, enquiries, issues and concerns.
  • Beyanka Girdlestone
    Beyanka Girdlestone
    State Championship Officer
    All state championship and carnival related matters.
    TBAWA Level "A" Accredited Coach
    TBAWA Level 1 Accredited Umpire
  • Ashley Gullotti
    Ashley Gullotti
    Canteen Officer
    Canteen and catering suggestions and enquiries.
  • Mark Belstead
    Mark Belstead
    Toddler Tee-ball Coordinator, Website Administrator
    Toddler Tee-ball enquiries. Website and technological issues and enquiries.
    TBAWA Level "A" Accredited Coach
    TBAWA Level 1 Accredited Umpire
    TBAWA Meritorious Award recipient 2015
    TBAWA Secretary 2018-2019
  • The Role of the Committee

    The committee of Byford Bushrangers is ultimately accountable for the success and performance of the club. The committee members share a common ‘fiduciary’ duty, as they are acting on behalf of the club’s members for:

    • the achievement of appropriate outcomes
    • the financial security of the organisation
    • the expression of a moral and social responsibility to the members and to the community at large.

    The committee has a moral duty to the sport. This involves keeping up to date with the sports they represent and sporting matters generally and presenting the club and the sport it represents in a positive manner.

    In keeping with its duty to serve the interests of the sport, the committee has a moral obligation to keep all members informed about current and future matters of concern to them.

    For more information about joining the committee, please speak to our president.

    The committee is responsible for the following areas:

    Strategic Planning

    Defining, driving and monitoring the club’s strategic direction, priorities and results. This can be achieved by the use a Development Plan that is updated regularly.

    Any planning undertaken by the committee must consider the strategic direction being taken by the State Sporting Associations. The committee should align their strategic direction to that of the relevant affiliated body to ensure the best outcome and support for the members and for the benefit of the sport in general.


    Reporting to members at the annual general meeting (AGM).

    Legal Compliance

    Monitoring organisational compliance with relevant legislation and the club’s rules of association (constitution).

    Management of Financial Resources

    Approving the allocation of funds through the annual budget, striving to secure the resources required and ensuring sound financial management of the club.

    The club Treasurer should present financial reports to the committee at every meeting, typically monthly. The Treasurer is required annually to prepare an accurate and up-to-date statement of the club’s finances to present to the members at the AGM.

    All committee members share equal responsibility to monitor the financial health of the organisation.

    Risk Management

    Ensuring the risks facing the club are identified and assessed, ensuring a risk management plan is established, and regularly reviewing this plan to ensure its effectiveness and monitoring compliance with it.

    The committee should have a broad appreciation of the risks facing the organisation and the likelihood of occurrence together with the potential impact of these should they occur.

    Developing Policies

    The committee has a responsibility to ensure the appropriate by-laws, policies and procedures are developed to provide for the proper delivery and control of the sport and the protection of its participants.


    The role of the committee members is broadly detailed below. All positions have voting rights in committee meetings with President having majority.


    Chair meetings. Represent the club in an official capacity when necessary. Liaise with the Shire, TBAWA, Baseball WA, Softball WA, sponsors, insurance firms and other affiliated clubs when necessary. Compile any appropriate grant applications and seek sponsorship opportunities. Oversee club policies, by-laws, constitution, practices and development plan. Ensure compliance with any relevant overseeing bodies such as Department of Commerce.

    Vice-President (Tee-ball)

    Be the club contact with TBAWA, attending monthly meetings as the Club’s delegate. Assist registrar with overseeing tee-ball registrations. Promote tee-ball within the club and the wider community. Assist President where directed and undertake the President’s duties if they are unavailable.

    Vice President (Baseball)

    Be the club contact with Baseball WA, attending monthly meetings as the Club’s delegate. Assist registrar with overseeing baseball registrations and clearances. Promote baseball within the club and the wider community. Assist President where directed and undertake the President’s duties if they are unavailable.

    Vice President (Softball)

    Be the club contact/delegate with Softball WA, attending monthly meetings as the club’s delegate. Assist registrar with overseeing softball registrations and clearances. Promote softball within the club and the wider community. Assist President where directed and undertake the President’s duties if they are unavailable.


    Keep a record of minutes of all meetings. Provide a copy of meeting minutes to all committee members well before the next meeting date. Coordinate all correspondence and ensure it is directed to the relevant committee member and recorded accurately. With assistance of the registrar, coordinate team photos with the photographer.


    Keep accurate records of all financial transactions made on behalf of the club. Collect all membership fees, state fees and any other fees as necessary. Bank all funds from canteen takings, membership fees, sponsorship and fundraising activities. Provide monthly reports to the committee on the club’s financial position. With assistance of Canteen Coordinator, supervise the canteen operations.


    Keep a record of all registered players within the club and provide accurate information to affiliated bodies for insurance purposes. Keep a record of each player’s game tally for trophy/certificate presentations at the end of the season. Promote registration day and members joining. With assistance of the Vice President of relevant sport, make up team lists prior to the commencement of the season. Arrange for trophies at end of season. With assistance of committee, undertake fixture book production and coordination of fixtures with other committee members.

    General Committee

    Undertake any duties deemed necessary by the President and/or other committee members. It is encouraged that all General Committee members take at least one role below.


    Can be taken up by Financial, Honorary or Life Members. Do not have voting rights in committee meetings unless Committee Member above. Possible to break down in to sub-committees when deemed necessary. The committee should continually assess these roles to ensure they remain aligned to the strategic direction of the club and where they do not, change the roles to suit the needs of the committee and the club’s members.

    Chief Coach (Tee-ball, Softball or Baseball)

    Must be at least level “A” accredited coach with TBAWA (for tee-ball) and have at least three years’ experience coaching the relevant sport. Oversee the development of coaches, arrange clinics if necessary and provide valuable skills and advice to them. Liaise with registrar at start of season to ensure there are sufficient coaches for all teams. Be point of contact on any coaching issues. Provide support to coaches and assist with the communication with coaches and the committee.

    Chief Umpire (Tee-ball, Softball or Baseball)

    Must be at least level 2 accredited with TBAWA or be prepared to undertake level 2 with TBAWA at the commencement of the season (for tee-ball). Must be available on Saturday mornings to assist with any umpiring queries and to assist parents who are learning to umpire. Must be available for possible umpiring at carnivals or state championships if and/or when needed. Be point of contact for any umpiring issues. Provide support to umpires and assist with the communication with umpires and the committee.

    Fundraising Officer

    With assistance of the committee, ensure and be responsible for fundraising activities are carried out by the club throughout the year. Collect any fundraising mail/email from the secretary for discussion with the committee if appropriate. Liaise with treasurer any funds received.

    State Championship Officer

    Liaise with registrar to promote and coordinate registrations for state games and carnivals. With assistance of the committee, arrange tryout dates and actively encourage player participation. Liaise with treasurer and fundraising coordinator to ensure sufficient funds are to be available to cover expenses. Liaise with inventory officer to ensure sufficient equipment and uniform is available or is purchased. Liaise with state team managers and state team coaches.

    Publicity Officer

    With assistance from committee, produce club newsletter. Maintain club’s website and ensure club’s information on any other websites and social media are updated regularly. Provide local media with information that will provide publicity for the club. Prepare promotional material such as posters, banners and letters for committee approval. Promote all sports within the club and the wider community.

    Uniform Officer

    Sort out uniforms for each team at the beginning of the season and give them to the coaches. Collect uniforms from coaches at the end of the season. Be available for the first couple of weeks if the uniforms are the wrong size. Issue baseball pants and collect payment. Arrange for pricing and purchase of new uniforms as needed. Liaise with sponsors to determine the colours of any new shirts and the name to be printed on the shirts.

    Equipment Officer

    Prepare all kit bags at the beginning of each season and ensure all coaches sign for the contents of the bags. Collect all kit bags at the end of the season and ensure all equipment is returned. Arrange for the repair of damaged equipment. Obtain pricing and purchase new equipment as needed. Maintain a database of the club’s equipment and a key register.

    Sport Safety Officer

    Must have a Senior First Aid certificate or equivalent. Work with the Committee to ensure the safety of all our members, players and volunteers. Advise the Committee on policy matters, safety concerns and risk management. Conduct regular risk/safety checks on facilities and equipment and liaise with inventory officer for any repairs or replacement. Actively promote, encourage and support sport safety in the Club and the correct use of safety and protective equipment.

    Sponsorship Officer

    Develop a proposal, for ratification by the Committee, for sponsorship packages to be offered by the organization to attract as broad a sponsorship as possible. Co-ordinate all sponsorship for all areas of the organization. Ensure all existing sponsors are contacted six months prior to the season commencement. Seek out new sponsors to supplement existing sponsors. Ensure sponsors signage is in place and all other aspects of sponsorship packages are in place prior to the commencement of the season. Ensure all sponsorship agreements are honoured. Maintain contact with all corporate sponsors throughout the season. Maintain strong relationships with all organization sponsors.

    Canteen Officer

    Responsible for overall running of Canteen and ensures break even. Ensures canteen is open and stocked at the start of each game day. This includes, but not limited to: Saturday Tee-ball, home Baseball & Softball games as well as any carnivals held on our grounds. Liaises with Treasurer to ensure all money is banked and tracked accordingly. Liaises with Treasurer to ensure all invoices are paid on time. Liaises with committee to ensure there is sufficient helpers to allow the canteen to run effectively (canteen roster). Completes regular stock take and tracks purchases accordingly. Prepares price list and updates when necessary.