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Show only: BYE Bandits (Grey) Bandits (Red) Bring the Pain Byford Bushrangers (Junior) Byford Bushrangers (Ladies) Byford Bushrangers (Men) Cloverdale Comets (Stars) Cloverdale Comets (Suns) Cougars Eagles 1 Eagles 2 Highballs Kalamunda Magpies Magpies 1 Magpies 2 Mana Peppers Posse Rebels Reckback Red 2 Reckbacks Red 1 Redbacks Redbacks Black 1 S T Redsox (Black) S T Redsox (Red) SLOW PITCH CARNIVAL Thornle Hawks (Maroon) Thornlie Hawks (Blue) Titans Western Cobras (Black) Western Cobras (Orange) Western Spirit

Round Date Time Home Team v Away Team Diamond
106-Apr-201912:30 PMBring The PainvByford Bushrangers (Men)Canning 5
106-Apr-201912:30 PMByford Bushrangers (Ladies)vWestern SpiritCanning 7
213-Apr-201902:30 PMByford Bushrangers (Men)vHighballsCanning 1
213-Apr-201902:30 PMRedbacksvByford Bushrangers (Ladies)Canning 6
320-Apr-2019Byford Bushrangers (Men)BYE
320-Apr-2019Byford Bushrangers (Ladies)BYE
427-Apr-201909:00 AMByford Bushrangers (Junior)vCloverdale Comets (Suns)Dale 8
427-Apr-201912:30 PMKalamundavByford Bushrangers (Ladies)Canning 3
427-Apr-201902:30 PMPossevByford Bushrangers (Men)Canning 2
504-May-201911:00 AMTitansvByford Bushrangers (Junior)Dale 1
504-May-201912:30 PMPeppersvByford Bushrangers (Ladies)Canning 8
504-May-201902:30 PMByford Bushrangers (Men)vReckback Red 2Canning 5
611-May-201909:00 AMByford Bushrangers (Junior)vThornle Hawks (Maroon)Dale 8
611-May-201902:30 PMEagles 1vByford Bushrangers (Men)Canning 5
611-May-201902:30 PMCougarsvByford Bushrangers (Ladies)Canning 8
718-May-2019Byford Bushrangers (Junior)BYE
718-May-201912:30 PMByford Bushrangers (Ladies)vRebelsCanning 3
718-May-201902:30 PMByford Bushrangers (Men)vReckbacks Red 1Canning 2
825-May-201909:00 AMBandits (Grey)vByford Bushrangers (Junior)Dale 3
825-May-201902:30 PMEagles 2vByford Bushrangers (Men)Canning 1
825-May-201902:30 PMByford Bushrangers (Ladies)vMagpiesCanning 7
901-Jun-2019Byford Bushrangers (Junior)BYE
901-Jun-2019Byford Bushrangers (Men)BYE
901-Jun-2019Byford Bushrangers (Ladies)BYE
1008-Jun-201911:00 AMByford Bushrangers (Junior)vThornlie Hawks (Blue)Dale 1
1008-Jun-201912:30 PMByford Bushrangers (Men)vMagpies 2Canning 5
1008-Jun-201902:30 PMWestern SpiritvByford Bushrangers (Ladies)Canning 3
1115-Jun-201911:00 AMBandits (Red)vByford Bushrangers (Junior)Dale 3
1115-Jun-201912:30 PMRedbacks Black 1vByford Bushrangers (Men)Canning 2
1115-Jun-201912:30 PMByford Bushrangers (Ladies)vRedbacksCanning 6
1222-Jun-201909:00 AMByford Bushrangers (Junior)vWestern Cobras (Orange)Dale 8
1222-Jun-201912:30 PMByford Bushrangers (Men)vWestern SpiritCanning 1
1222-Jun-201902:30 PMByford Bushrangers (Ladies)vKalamundaCanning 7
1329-Jun-201909:00 AMS T Redsox (Black)vByford Bushrangers (Junior)Dale 8
1329-Jun-2019Byford Bushrangers (Men)BYE
1329-Jun-201902:30 PMByford Bushrangers (Ladies)vPeppersCanning 6
1406-Jul-201909:00 AMManavByford Bushrangers (Junior)Dale 3
1406-Jul-201912:30 PMRebelsvByford Bushrangers (Men)Canning 1
1406-Jul-201912:30 PMByford Bushrangers (Ladies)vCougarsCanning 3
1513-Jul-2019Byford Bushrangers (Junior)BYE
1513-Jul-201912:30 PMByford Bushrangers (Men)vMagpies 1Canning 2
1513-Jul-201902:30 PMRebelsvByford Bushrangers (Ladies)Canning 7
1620-Jul-201909:00 AMByford Bushrangers (Junior)vCloverdale Comets (Stars)Dale 7
1620-Jul-201909:00 AMByford Bushrangers (Men)vSLOW PITCH CARNIVALCanning
1620-Jul-201909:00 AMByford Bushrangers (Ladies)vSLOW PITCH CARNIVALCanning
1727-Jul-201909:00 AMWestern Cobras (Black)vByford Bushrangers (Junior)Dale 8
1727-Jul-201912:30 PMMagpiesvByford Bushrangers (Ladies)Canning 8
1803-Aug-201911:00 AMByford Bushrangers (Junior)vS T Redsox (Red)Dale 1
1803-Aug-201912:30 PMByford Bushrangers (Ladies)vWestern SpiritCanning 7
1910-Aug-201911:00 AMCloverdale Comets (Suns)vByford Bushrangers (Junior)Dale 7
1910-Aug-201902:30 PMRedbacksvByford Bushrangers (Ladies)Canning 8
2017-Aug-201911:00 AMByford Bushrangers (Junior)vTitansDale 3
2017-Aug-201912:30 PMByford Bushrangers (Ladies)vKalamundaCanning 7
2124-Aug-201909:00 AMByford Bushrangers (Junior)vThornle Hawks (Maroon)Dale 8
2124-Aug-201912:30 PMPeppersvByford Bushrangers (Ladies)Canning 8