# Team Points Played Wins Draws Losses Byes For Against %
2Base Runners34128043230216106.48
3Base Burners34128043221210105.24
4Battle Royale22122010318523877.73
Win = 3 points, Draw/BYE = 2 points, Loss = 1 point

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Date Home v Away Diamond

Latest results

Date Result
13/3/2021Crusaders (15) def. Base Burners (12)
13/3/2021Base Runners (21) def. Battle Royale (19)
06/3/2021Battle Royale (22) def. Diamondbacks (6)
Updated: 13/3/2021 10:06 PM

Results will be updated based off results on the Game Register. Coaches, please ensure the Game Register is returned each week. Under 13 fixtures can be viewed here.

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