What sports are available and how much do they cost?

Diamond Sports are great for the whole family to get involved. There are many opportunities to play and/or assist. This may include coaching, umpiring, scoring, and sponsoring. Our sports are aimed at all genders for both children and adults. Our sports are also some of the cheapest in the area!


We are starting a competition for teens to continue to play teeball. Tee-Ball for Teens is for ages 13-15 (U16). this will be held on a Friday afternoon/evening, so there is no conflict for members also wanting to play Baseball.

At present we have:

All fees for Summer 2021/2022 are now confirmed.

Discounts will apply for the 3rd or more siblings playing, as well as playing 2 or more sports combinations.

See registration form for multi-sport combination fee prices.


This season we are raffling for 3 lucking members to WIN THEIR FEES BACK.

To enter members must register and pay their fees in full by 8 pm on Friday 15th October 2021. One entry ticket will be lodged for each member and each sport they sign up for. For example, if a member signs up and pays for both Tee-Ball and Baseball they will receive two entries.

The draw will be held on Saturday morning during round one, a random member will be asked to draw 3 entries, and those entries will be declared the winner.

Should a member have multiple entries in the draw for different sports, only the sport listed on the entry form will win. If a Tee-Ball entry is drawn Tee-Ball fees will be refunded. If Baseball entry is drawn then the relevant Baseball fees will be refunded.

Members do not need to be present for the draw. The winner will be contacted on the day by phone.

Members paying by Kidsport or Department of Child Protective Services payments DO NOT qualify for the entry draw. all other payment options (cash, credit/bank card, Openpay, bank transfer) made in full will qualify.

Committee members and volunteers who meet the above criteria are eligible to enter.

PONY League

PONY League – All girl baseball

The BWA Pony Girls League will offer all females of League Age 13 to 16 the opportunity to play in a “league of their own”. The purpose of the League is to:

  • Provide teenage girls with a competitive game environment to compete, participate and develop.
  • Whilst winning and losing is part of any League, individual enjoyment and improvement is the main focus.

We highly recommend this program to:

  • Girls playing junior baseball
  • Girls coming out of or currently playing tee ball or softball
  • Girls who have not played diamond sports before or have not played for some years

For more information contact the club.