Interested in becoming an Umpire? Accredited training can be provided. For more information contact the Chief Umpire.

Upcoming Umpiring Clinics through TBAWA:

Saturday 1st October at Byford Bushrangers

The objective of the Green Shirt Program is to reduce the incidence of abuse and harassment directed towards inexperienced officials and, as a result, improve retention rates at the grassroots level of the sport.

The Green Shirt Program aims to:

  • Make new officials easily identifiable, so that they are easy to recognise and support;
  • Raise awareness and increase recognition and support for new officials;
  • Reduce pressure and lessen abuse and conflict directed towards new officials;
  • Create a culture of support for these new officials through the education of players, coaches, spectators and the media.

The officials who take part in the program run by Baseball WA and the Tee-ball Association of WA are provided with an easily identifiable coloured official’s shirt.

We need to understand that in our Club there is zero-tolerance for anyone arguing with our umpires. Only the team coach may quietly approach and appeal to an umpire about a decision they have made. If any parent wishes to discuss a decision or question a rule, they should do so at the end of the game.

The latest TBAWA rule book can be found here.

Unresolved issues with any of our umpires should be directed to the Chief Umpire.